„The assessment of the quality of life in a postmodern society always includes indicators in the fields of social protection and health services. The need for collaboration of specialists from the two areas mentioned above makes it necessary to organize the 2nd edition of the International Conference on Community Socio-Medical Assistance.
The host of the event – The Western University Social Assistance Department – with the consistent support offered by the “Victor Babes” University of Medicine, will create conditions in which Romanian and foreign professionals will be able to present the results of current research on the thematic complex announced in the conference program.” ‎

Professor Cosmin Goian
Director – Social Assistance Department


„The need to organize this conference springs from the conviction that socio-medical community assistance will represent in the future the keystone of institutionalization / hospitalism prevention services in the country and outside and the timing of approaching the assistance resources of beneficiaries.
I also hope that the moment of development of these services integrated into the Romanian communities together with the occupation, habitation and continuous adaptation of the labor force to the new challenges existing on the market will create the conditions for the definitive shift of the emphasis from the family / on intervention in the living environment and on preventing separation from the family / the original environment with a real and broad multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary team to what we have today.”.

Assoc. Professor Venera Margareta Bucur
Conference Coordinator